Cruisinjules wants to provide you with insight about a fascinating way to travel and explore the world in luxury … by cruise ships!

About Cruisinjules

Meet Julie, also known as Cruisinjules! She’s a self-proclaimed expert in all things related to cruising! Here are her credentials:

✔️ 20 years of cruising
✔️ 64 cruise ship sailings
✔️ Cruised on 10 different cruise lines
✔️ Sailed around 5 continents and various exotic regions
✔️ 531 days at sea … and
✔️ Countless hours researching and planning the perfect cruise holidays!

Image of Julie (Cruisinjules) standing on a cruise ship over-looking the ocean.

Listen to the Cruise Expert.

Have you ever heard the rule that you can become an expert after practicing a particular skill for 10,000 hours?

You can see Julie has surpassed her 10,000 hours of cruising! Here’s the math:

531 days x 24 hours = 12, 744 hours

The reality of the situation is that Cruisinjules has likely spent about as much time on the researching and planning phases of creating the perfect holiday.

It’s time for Cruisinjules to share her knowledge with you!

CruisinJules can provide you with insight that will help you figure out which cruise to book, whether it will be your first cruise, or 100th cruise.

Reference: Malcolm Gladwell, 10,000 Hour Rule

Picture of Julie (Cruisingjules) standing in front of an Alaskan shoreline.

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Princess cruise line logo over top crystal blue Japanese waters.
View of a cruise ship sailing away on crystal blue waters.
View of an Alaskan shoreline during sunrise on a cruise ship.
View of a beautiful sandy beach, with crystal clear waters and spectacular coastal rock formations.
A view of a snowy Alaskan mountain range with tourists viewing the landscape from a watch zone.
A blue lit room on the celebrity apex.
A view from the port of the cruise ships on a sunny afternoon.
A picture of Cruisinjules at a crossroads sign in the middle of a beautiful cobblestone street.
View from an Alaskan balcony cruise ship.
View from an Alaskan balcony cruise ship.
A beautiful landscape photo that displays the crystal clear ocean waters, with a cruise ship on the left hand side of the horrizon line.
A terrestrial view of a cruise ship on the ocean with many villas surrounded by lush green trees.
A view of the ncl getaway (a large cruise ship) on the ocean.
A perspective shot of the panama canal from a slightly elevated angle.
A view of the royal princess cruise ship atop a beautiful water front.
A photo taken at dusk with a lone cruise ship illuminating the ocean waters.
A view of the coast line in Bora Bora from the perspective of a cruise ship.
Picture of an orange hued hawaiin sunrise from a cruise ship.
A picture of the miami beaches from a cruise ship.
View of the incredible Alaskan mountain ranges.
A high perspective view of the Grand Turk resorts.